Announcing Launch of Risk Integration Management Pty Ltd

We are pleased to announce the launch of an innovative risk management and project controls services business, Risk Integration Management Pty Ltd (RIMPL).

RIMPL provides risk management and analysis consulting services as well as skilled project controls and strategic project advisory services and personnel.

RIMPL continues services formerly provided by Crescent PSS Pty Ltd (1996-2008) and Hyder Project Management Group (2008-2012).

Risk Management Services

RIMPL specialises in advanced risk management and analysis, integrating qualitative and quantitative risk analyses for cost and schedule contingency forecasting using Monte Carlo simulation. RIMPL’s proprietary Integrated Cost & Schedule Risk Analysis (IRA) methodology and software uniquely provide the means of quantifying project time and cost uncertainty and identifying and ranking the drivers of these uncertainties. They have been used on some of the biggest projects in Australia and are available to clients, large or small, whether project owners or contractors, immediately.

Project Controls consulting services and personnel

RIMPL through its subsidiary business Contract Project Services (CPS) provides a wide range of skilled and experienced project services personnel and advisory services.

We specialise in planning / scheduling and cost control in the resources, oil & gas and engineering construction sectors. We offer skilled senior project advisory services in project and contract management strategy, forensic scheduling, claim management and contract formation and administration.